Set of 8 Christian Fridge Magnets


These Christian Magnets by Michell each features an unique inspired story.

All 8 magnets are available in this set. Each magnet has an inspiring story and each story can be read here:

These magnets are meant to be ministry tools. You can show your visitors your collection of Christian magnets and tell them the meaning of each. In this way anyone can preach the gospel.

For individual purchases: R60 per item

For between 10- and 30 items it will be R45 per item (Assorted Fridge magnets)

For orders over 30 items it will be R35 per item.

Please fill out the contact form for orders qualifying for discounted rates.  Payments will be done via EFT and not through the online shop. You can also request a catalog.

Weight .800 kg


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